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Moved pg.2
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      1. It doesn’t matter to me weather it’s gemdom 2 or not I like all art in it’s own way and it’s not a bad that this isn’t gemdom 2, for me personally I liked gemdom 2 and thought it was lovely art but this is nice too and seems very cute, I personally think all the art that comes on here is praise worthy.

  1. Korra could look more like Korra, and the difference in complexions could be a bit more clear. Fantastic art as usual Dox, that’s just my 2 cents.

    1. I agree that the skin complexion should be a bit more obvious, but the appearance is based on Korra’s appearance from the end of the series, so I’d say she looks just fine minus the lack of darker skintone.

      1. Oh yea, I know that her hair changes. That’s not my point. It’s primarily the complexion that throws me off. One major problem with the style of the show (and many stylistic branches of manga-inspired art) is that when hair is removed, it’s just about impossible to distinguish between one character and another. Lack of a distinguishing trait can cause work like this to be less clear. I know that Doxy takes his craft very seriously, and holds himself to a high standard. I just wanted to give constructive criticism from a reader’s point of view. Admittedly, Asami and Korra have not shared a panel, so this could all be wrong on my part.

    2. I don’t like that I fucked up the look either but my time this month is brutal. Just wanted to have something to buffer December that didn’t suck too much.

      1. Osht, I forgot that you were moving to Japan for the year. Good luck. Don’t stress too hard. That shit’s bad for you.

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