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A spur of the moment comic. Looking to see how fast I can pump out a nice colored comic if i’m not to concerned about consistency (lol oh me). I asked the picarto stream for dumb overwatch comic ideas and I actually liked a few.

I also got a ton of this dumb shit…..

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As for playing Overwatch, I have played a bit but I am frankly so busy with learning Japanese and maintaining my business that things have been a bit tricky to balance it all so games got the boot for now.

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    1. She’s not white. Just chose colors that worked for the scene. When shes naked the colors will be easier to darken without losing details.

    2. oh gods… people…

      I’m black, I was victim of discrimination all my childhood and even if she was actually white I wouldn’t care.

      If you want to do something good that bad, stop wasting everybody’s time and go plant a tree.

  1. Gotta go rapid. Alongnwit the face and the “Hnnngh” tracer HAS to be getting bullet vibed. Like those little pellet vibratos. And fucking widowmaker has the controler

  2. Serious question. When Mai’s clothes come off… will you be depicting her as a more… Fat Mai, or just a slightly plump Mai? Because I know fans like to think she’s fat, but it has been proven that the fat appearance comes from the coat and pants she wears. Just curious…

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