Vynil Trash

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The cover of my next comic Vynil Trash. Yes the typo is intentional to ensure people can find this fucking thing online instead of mountains of shitty vinyl records. This is sort of a 2 part comic, theres a lesbians sequence that last about 7 pages then it moves on to Girl Girl Futa. Than orgy! Anyone hope you guys enjoy the run.

Please note the alternate cover with the dicks is just alternate and doesn’t represent the comics content, Sorry homos….next time more dicks for you.

Keywords: Lesbian, Futa, Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, hentai, anal, pussy.


  1. Wow, seriously hot and just super pretty besides. Even without all the sexyness the colors and tone is just so evocative. Lurve it.

  2. so weird to comment on jerk off trash, but I got to throw some love. Doxy, youre doing a good thing. Your style and tone are amazing. Keep it up!

  3. Do you accept commissions? I seriously can’t get enough of your art. I would love to ask for one.

  4. When are you planning on finishing this one? Really looking forward to both yuri and futa versions.. really good intro.. must see where it leads.

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