Pearls Before Swine

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Pearls Before Swine
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This comic’s been sitting around in sketch form for some time. It’s about 8 pages I think if I recall. I’ll be picking up comics again and possibly only focusing on comics & animations/games for a bit. Hopefully more SU porno’s is what the doctor ordered!

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          1. If so it only serves to render them even more pointless. Personally it’s not a big deal to me either way.

  1. Hey doxy! Looking forward to more S.U. Content from ya! 🙂 but i also have a small question while i’m here. Saw you respond on tumblr about the whole breeding season ordeal; not sure who is truely at fault at the moment but if the project ever has a chance to continue i(and i am sure MANY others) would be more than happy to see you work on art for the game. I would be exctatic honestly. And hey it has been the most funded patreon project for over a year. Deffinately some money to be made there for you if that works out in your likeing.

    Anyway, love your work, here’s hoping a Hentai-game with possibly the greatest potential and scope in existance doesn’t just burn to the ground with thousands of people watching and crying helplessly T-T

    1. I’m not sure it’s in the card. But I am working on building my own little thing as we speak with a much smaller scope. Feasibility is my priority right now.

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