Moved pg.5

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Moved pg.5
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  1. It looks like there was supposed to be a speech bubble above Asami’s shoulder in the second panel? There’s like the curved word balloon tail over her chest there I’m not sure. Awesome comic so far though btw.

      1. Above her right shoulder (HER right) not the camera.
        Theres a curved shape over her chest that looks like it should connect to a speech bubble, at least to me anyway.

  2. Is it just me or after the site changed from trapfuta to prismblush it started making even more futa? Probably just me.

  3. Pls I need mora of Korrasami continue it pls and thanks for all those art that u gave us, u re the best

  4. Honestly, I think is more about Doxy telling Makorra shippers to get over it, than it is about sex. I mean of course they’re going to get in on after this, but still.

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