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PokeHerMons Go
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Pokemon GO exploded in the West and about a week later it did the same in Japan (where I am currently). It’s kind of shocking to see people walking around in their PJ’s at 3 am looking for pokemon or a group of girls wandering down dark paths at night doing the same. Which is basically the idea of this short little comic. My phone can’t actually play the game and I’m not in the market to buy one right now so I have to sit it out for a bit.

Enjoy this shit show.


  1. How the hell do you not have enough money? You have TWO separate Patreons which (currently) net you 5,584 USD a month, which you can’t use if you don’t convert it into yen, which at the very least is running a rate of 1-USD:102.320¥. If you were to take one month’s payment from both of your Patreons (assuming you get roughly the 5,584 USD you’re expected to get, not including what ever else you get from god knows what, commissions, a side job or anything else, that turns out to be 571,354.88¥. That is /more/ than enough to even get you a goddamn Japanese iPod that could play Pokemon Go, and there’s plenty of Wireless services around Japan in general that you could play the game to some extent, even.

    1. Not in the market doesn’t always mean not having enough money. And it’s none of your business regardless. What you just did was really rather rude.

      1. Rude? Both of the links are literally at the top right, you dunce.

        It is at least generally assumable that there is a 1:100 dollar-to-yen ratio most of the time, meaning the total tally for a month (because one Patreon is per month, the other is per week) of 5,584 USD would end up being 558,400¥.

        Please don’t tell me you’re this dense. Please don’t tell me you can’t use your brain, and literally /less/ than thirty seconds in a search engine for “dollar to yen calculator.”

        1. Actually, assuming something about someone’s financial situation is a little bit rude. Talking about it when no one asked you is even more rude. Saying that this someone lie about his financial situation is ruder and finally, scream it on roofs is one of the rudest thing you can do in our kind of society.

        2. You sound irregularly perturbed over him stating his opinion. Though from the looks of your comment it sounds like you practically dismissed what he said. He never criticized your amount or your math. All he stated was that he found it rude that you’d rant about him not being in the market for one.

          Honestly i’d have to agree with his evaluation. You’d even stoop low enough to call him a dunce for it. This brought up a lot of red flags when I first read it. So you should really understand what you’re reading before insulting people.

          1. My mistake, I meant that Doxy wasn’t in the market for a phone, the OP probably has one.

        3. Again, Anon, not being in the market for something doesn’t automatically equate to not having the money for it.

          Let’s say Doxy just bought a brand spankin’ new phone not too long ago but it just doesn’t have the juice to run Pokemon GO. It’s a tragedy — but having just bought said phone and it being in perfectly working order otherwise, maybe Doxy decides getting /another/ new phone isn’t worth it over one app.

          Or maybe it is about money. Maybe Doxy has /other/ more important things to do with their money? Rent, bills, food, clothes, transportation, and all those other little things that eat up money like monsters. Its called prioritizing.

          It just seems kind of silly that you’re getting your undies in a bunch over something that doesn’t even effect you. Relax and read a book or something, Anon.

          1. I have a Galaxy Note 2. IT does literally everything I want and works perfectly fine. Buying a new phone to make an app that should work on it anyway didn’t seem like a wise financial decision. So basically everything everyone has said already.

        4. weren’t you trying to demonstrate that you’re not being rude? because you’re failing horribly.

    2. Don’t take this as looking down at you, but I’m guessing you don’t live on your own. You can’t take someone’s income and assume that means they can simply take all that money for the month and spend it on whatever they want. Rent, food, job supplies, internet bills, phone bills, etc. etc. All of these take priority.

    3. “Not in the Market” is an idiom that means “not wanting” just like “In the Market” means “wanting”.

      The statement has nothing to do with being able to afford it.

    4. Any comment I had to make has been made already by the scads of folks below. Keeping thread for the insanity.

  2. You know this is going to make it to Fox news right?

    “The real reason behind Pokey-man Go’s suspicious success, tonight at 9.”

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