Vynil Trash Part II

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Vynil Trash Part II
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Second part starting now!

I’ve been busy moving out of my home, Travelling to Japan and establishing myself here for the next  3 months!

Next update will be Tuesday, on time!


  1. how you move to japan? you need to be invited by a company, unless you went the english teacher route? seriously interested. America is fail.

  2. ooo!!! this must be that feeling all those thirsty steven universe fans had when gemdom started!!!
    I loved the first Vynil, s**t just got lit!!!

  3. Anybody else remember when this artist used to draw traps and futa?

    I’m pretty sure not even Pepperidge Farm does at this point.

  4. The song in the back is real or made up cuz I can’t find it anywhere?
    OH! and the comic is fucking awesome.

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