PokeHerMons Go Pg.02

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PokeHerMons Go Pg.02
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Petite girls seeking out trade for lewd behavior. Japan moves fast. I’ve seen at least 5-6 doujin samples crop up with pokemon corruption. I’ve been many things, cutting edge is not one of them.


      1. Didn’t realize I had a response.
        And sure, since I actually do comics for a living. That’s what I do if I need to do a quick draw for a rough draft or if I’m to lazy to do the full inking and colouring.

  1. Wondering nervously when the next one comes out and hoping negative response has not quashed artist interest. Seriously, even these two pages are crazy awesome, but of course I’d enjoy more.

  2. This Part seems kinda rapey
    walks down a random alley way playing pokemon Go
    next thing you know shes getting cream pied by some
    alley lurkers.

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