In a Pinch! Pg. 06

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In a Pinch! Pg. 06
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the end


  1. Ok wtf is up with ejaculation into the uterus? Like omfg that literally cant happen unless shes dialated to like 10cm and at that point I honestly doubt sex is an option.

    Like this is why we need better sex ed.

    1. Yeah, plus I’m pretty sure having someone’s dick ramming your cervix is like emulating birth pains. I hate that it’s such a popular thing in porn.

      1. Omg for real, i just want this trope to die.

        As someone who had their cervix manually dialated and passed out from the pain I can say with absolute certainty, there is nothing sexy about cervical abuse/ramming/penitration/whatever the fuck else i have seen.

        As a guy imagine someone is sexually glorifying the act of shoving an exato knife all the way down your dickhole, in like 80% of the porn comics you see. Not so fun right?

        1. One, its porn,and not just any porn, drawn porn! That means we can twist regular anatomy. Two, yes you can cum into the uterus, however most of the time it does not work that way, and when it does, it is nothing like porn. Three, this has nothing to do with sex ed. As it is not drawn anatomically correct all the time, otherwise it would be a lot less sexy sticking to just reality.

          Also, some people like cervix abuse and ramming to different degrees,so applying your personal example to yourself is fine, however extrapolating it to all of X in porn, is not only pointless, but shows a lack of understanding. Also, no, shoving any type of razor blade into the urethra would be a lot more painful.

          Also I would argue the majority of drawn porn does not include X-ray uterus shots.

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