Hextech Hijinks Pg.02

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Hextech Hijinks Pg.02
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sticker,375x360.u1NEW STICKER HERE







Comment here or reblog on tumblr for a chance to win a Skin Code!


  1. Any chance of lewd league stickers Doxy? 😉 bought two of the whole team (jinx, Vi, cait) stickers you did. Love em. Didnt want ome to fade on my car as a bumper sticker, so now the significant other and i are going to make a sticker collection on our bed board haha.

  2. Badass skin? Comes with a free champion since I don’t own Vel’Koz? I may not have much to say on the comic (nothing wrong with it, but we haven’t gotten to the good part yet) but I do have something to say about free stuff I already wanted.

    Not sure when the “11th of Midnight” is though.

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