Groperwatch Pg. 13

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Groperwatch Pg. 13
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Final page! Sorry for the delay on this.


  1. I’m still kind of sad we didn’t see Pharah’s face in any of the last 5 pages (last seen page 8). Still a good comic so I can’t complain too much.

  2. That’s it? Loved the art but I’m kinda bummed out….we didn’t get nearly enough expressions of Pharah…just her ass. I like her ass and all but….for example the Rarity & Fluttershy comic was fucking great cause you could see what they were thinking through their expressions in every panel. This was kinda empty. Great work still, Doxy!

  3. haha I dont know if its intentional but Widowmaker text roughly translate to :”It itches doesn’t it?” I know it since I’m french Canadian

    1. That’s because Widowmaker is french (and actually comes from my hometown ahahah)
      I love this last panel.

  4. kind of disappointed in this comic. kind of short and pharaoh is nowhere to be seen and it took a really long time

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