Gem Dom Pg.21

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Gem Dom Pg.21
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That’s it! Thanks for reading, folks.


  1. Wow I’m impressed doxy now I want u to reply to this I think you should do a gemdom 2 where peridot is in it or matey the gems continue to do pearl or ….

  2. Wow. Kind of a depressing ending for Pearl. I mean, she thinks she is completely fucking worthless, and that she may only find some kind of use in being a fucktoy for Garnet and Amethyst. Plus by her dialogue it sounds like she’s going to fuck up even more so that she may find some semblance of use in this act which the duo see as a punishment rather than a consensual sex act. How many time is this Pearl going to put Steven or her friends in harms way or risk just so she can have her 5-10 minutes of a pseudo reality where she believes she is some use? From Doxy’s depiction of Garnet and Amethyst they totally fucking hate her, and treat her as subservient, which in the show is entirely true, but didn’t Rose Quartz kind of knock that mentality out of the trio? I’m thinking way too much into this. If I was a talented artist I’d do fan fiction of this rule34 fan fiction and create a happy ending, which I know would be false in my heart of hearts. I kind of wish they just hugged each other and fall asleep in post-coital bliss or some shit, nothing deep. I don’t know.

    Big fan Doxy-doo. Love ya XXX

    1. if it can help you : you’re right, this fiction doesn’t fit with the very concept of domination relationships or other kind of BDSM. In real life, that situation would simply be a rape combine with a stocholm syndrom. I just think that it’s very complicated to picture the real BDSM spirit with only a one shot comic. I also don’t know if doxy just like that kind of art or if he practice BDSM. If it’s the first case, it’s maybe another possibility of why this comic doesn’t describe BDSM properly. There is also the fact that in some BDSM role play, you take the role of characters that have the kind of emotions pictured in that comic, in that case, this comic is simply the incarnation of a fantasm, meaning that to appreciate the story, you need to kee your distances with the characters, emotionnaly speaking.

      1. This isn’t a story about BDSM couple, BDSM culture or anything like that.

        This is a comic about people being mean to pearl as they have culturally been seen as a slave caste. That is not to say that’s why they don’t care, but the show does seem to present a hierarchy of sorts.

        I wrote this with the help of a girl who enjoys the fantasy of pearls position presented in this comic so i’m not telling a story no one wants to hear. It’s just not classically “sex positive”.

        Since it takes place in fantasy land with fantasy characters and fantasy premise there was no need for us when we decided the story for the adoption of real world BDSM culture/words/philosophy. It’s just not about that.

        Hopefully that clarifies it a bit.

        1. Well, thank you, it was mostly the idea I was trying to express in my comment… English isn’t a langage that is very easy for me, and even in my native langage it’s difficult for me to express my ideas and feelings properly. Sorry for that. Anyway, I really like your work, I can’t wait to see your future creations. Have a nice continuation ^^

        2. Kind of wanna to give Pearl a hug after this. Though I’m not sure if Garnet and Amethyst really broke her or this is their extreme form of role play and dirty talk.

          If this was a scenario where Pearl was mind broke, this is kind of (emphasis on “kind of”) darker than the ending of the Golden Age arc of Berserk. Guts and Casca pretty much narrowly escaped a literal Hell, Betrayed by their best friend for a position as a demon king, Guts losing an arm and an eye, Guts lover Casca is raped by said former friend and their longtime friends and comrades graphically butchered and devoured by demons through the ordeal, both of them branded and haunted by demons for the rest of their lives, and What does Guts do in response? Pretty much delivers an epic war declaration on Hell’s legions and to a greater extent, the very concept of destiny itself! AND with the the next several volumes of the Manga having Guts turn midland into a killing floor with Demons as the cattle. Hell, Guts was sodomized as a child and his response was to corner his rapist and put a sword through his head.

          Pearl on the other hand fought and survived a war that lasted 1000 years, with such a conflict resulting in the deaths of a considerable sum of Home world’s Forces, the majority of the Crystal Gems meager forces, and a huge chunk of the human population. And if what Bismuth says is accurate, Pearl could effortlessly take down a carrier and smash a multitude of gems several times her strength. And this doujin ends with Pearls own self esteem issues and sense of self worth thrown in the gutter by her best friends, who she could probably defeat on her own, regardless if she was getting rusty, that is if this was not all role play.

          Though all in all, I would NOT change the ending. Not that you would. Besides, I’m the kind of guy who would see Pearl as a sub in this kind of relationship. And it is a Fan Fic, its not like Pearl was actually subjected to this fate in series canon.

          I also love the dynamic way you draw. I am still trying to get a hang of inking and coloring my work. Who were the artists that gave you the most influence on your work? How did you refine and settle on your style?

          1. Alright so I may have made a huge 24 inch dildo sized exaggeration comparing the ending of this to Berserks eclipse ending, most likely because at the time I made this comment I began watching Berserk: 2016. Which I got really into even though Berserk 2016 animation grated me.

            Back to my comment on GemDom, not sure why I got worked up bout the ending. I read lots of hentai with similar endings (one constant is artist “BLACK DOG” who does sailor moon hentai (ironic since Sailor Moon seems like it was one of Rebecca Sugar’s inspirations for Steven Universe.) Where about 80 percent of the time, each of black dogs doujin endings close with the scouts in some cliffhanger where they’re at the mercy of youma dick.).

            maybe because I got attached to pearl as a character that I kind of wished pearl would’ve came to her senses in some stinger ending and proofed Garnet (pearls spear harpooned into Garnet’s schlong) and Amethyst in retaliation for their treatment of her. But then again it did seem like Pearl enjoyed herself.

      2. Hey your work is the “Thing” I was looking for for about a month since i`ve firs seen the series. I dont´t know but to be honest pearl has the special something to me, as a fantasy of course, and I would be super happy if you could send me your work as one piece of data ( english isnt my native tongue^^).
        Thanks and good greeting^^

  3. man this was pretty good! I see the amazing development of the style and detail to every page!
    god doxy, you never fail to amuse me!

  4. And so ends the greatest SU doshujin… What a wild ride it has been. Now what will I look forward to on Tuesdays..?! I can only hope there is plans for a Gemdom 2… perhaps involving Jasper… ^_^

    Also, how is my “special request” going Doxy? I’ve not heard from you since last Friday (not to be pushy or anything, just askin’!)

  5. Tbh I’m not a fan of how amethyst was beyond a bitch. I understand And like the punishment part but constantly calling her a useless rock is meh

  6. I love the comic and it’s funny because when you look up “Gem dom” in google images, looking for an actual gem dom, you’ll find as one of the first results, a picture of Garnet with a dick xD

  7. this kinda blew my mind with the deep emotional tie into something so sexual it really shoes a side of pearl thatyt i never thought was possible…. why am I emotionally attached to a prono fuck you you amazing fucking writer.

    1. you’re on the Internet.. there’s gonna be porn for everything; even if its fucking VeggieTales there’s still gonna be r34 for it

      besides, youre on a goddamn pornsite.. i suggest you go back to watching minecraft let’s plays instead of going back here since you’re probably like,, 10 years old idk

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