Flurty Futa Pg.17

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  1. Hmm.. i don’t know what to think of this… sooo this is the last page? That suck but hopefully this series continue nonetheless. As for this chapter it feel like there more missing i almost get the vibe as if doxy wanted to end this chapter with out adding anymore details to the story, characters or world they live in. They world can be futanari and it would make sense to do it that way so it would add more character’s to the story if doxy decided to continue this series in the future hopefully. Anyways great work.

  2. The End. T.T Now I will never know, if shy has learned her lesson and exhibits herself in town. Or if she needs additional private lessons. Maybe her friends need to help. And how will she reflect on that day? Maybe some lewd alone time? The same could be said about Rarity, she seemed to enjoy her work in education. Anyway, lovely work Doxy. The art style and quality are rather good for a comic. I love the efficient use of details here and there. Also the perspectives never become boring.

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