Derpadoodle Doolivery pg 6

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Derpadoodle Doolivery pg 6
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It’s crowning, oh my!


      1. That would mean the internet has some sort of self control. Which it doesn’t. This is Doxy’s website, anyway. Let him say what he wants.

    1. Dude, it is flatly, embarrassingly obvious that you keep bringing this up because you’re trolling for attention.

      Everybody on-site KNOWS that Doxy is uploading some older art that hasn’t hosted on PB yet, to relieve some of the pressure they’re under to keep up with their workload.
      There was an announcement and everything, explicitly stating that was going to happen.

      Good job getting all twisted in the willy over it, but you’re representing a secret silent majority of literally just you.

  1. this page (and every comic page that I’ve visited today) has been missing most of the CSS.
    Did you update the style for the homepage template, but not for the comics?

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