Alpha File: Zo’dee Pg.03

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Alpha File: Zo’dee Pg.03
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  1. Damn this is hot.
    The log type of naaration adds to it.
    PS: there is a repeat in the second text box. “… and is unwilling to to eand the pleasure train…”

  2. Huh, I never knew Zo’Dee was living off an inheritance. I always figured she lived day to day with the cash she made from job, like the crew of Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star. At least, that’s where I took some of my inspiration from writing Nex Starshine, Jack-of-all-Trades.

    (Sorry that I keep rambling about my own shit whenever I see Zo’Dee people reading the comments. Just looking for inspiration when it comes to writing and Zo’Dee is definitely an inspiration. >.>)

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