Jenni Truth or Dare

Jenni Wrong Number!

Interactive Text Base Game between you and a flirty futa!

The latest Jenni Wrong Number is up for testing! I’ve removed the Patreon login feature, as it was barring some patrons access for reasons we are looking into.
In Jenni Truth or Dare, Jenni will move between every set of truth or dare responses. The ultimate way to win is to know which options to avoid. Sometimes this is obvious, sometimes it will be more tough to guess. When choosing her dares, there is a higher risk of failure with more erotic choices. What dares you have access to relate directly to how you respond to her Truths. Jenni will also lose interest if you are too safe with your dares, or if the dare she performs for you makes no real impact… Public nudity stuff in her own bedroom alone trigger a soft failure response. After five successful dares you can activate the ending sequence. To maximize scoring you need to have performed as many dares as possible first. And with that, best of luck!